Your Mind is a Battlefield

Dec 30, 2019

Who we are and what we achieve is controlled by how we describe ourselves.  Ask yourself when did you decide who you are?  Do you know what the defining moment was that caused you to describe yourself in those words?  We all have conversations that are going on in our head, and sometimes they are so loud we can’t think and other times they so quiet we are not aware of the conversation taking place.  This same conversation will determine how you feel and the choices you make. 

The Battlefield of your Mind

The only thing that is keeping you from getting what you want is the story that you keep telling yourself.  Our brains are amazing.  Napolean Hill famously quoted ‘what the mind can conceive the body believes’ if we can think it we can be it or do it, we are more likely to be successful when we are in the right frame of mind. 

We all have memories from our childhood, things that we believe to be true, influenced, for example by children’s stories, television programmes, family history, books and so-called celebrity figures.  So many of these memories and stories have shaped so many of us, memories that we’ve stored in our memory bank, stories that we have told ourselves time and time again, and they have become our truth, no need to search for the evidence because it is just so.

The fact is that what you end up remembering isn’t always the same as what you have witnessed or experienced.  This is so often where people get stuck.  Stuck in the same thoughts and the same beliefs wondering why they can’t move forward.  Our capacity to think far exceeds our expectations.  We all have about 70,000 thoughts every single day, 95% of the thoughts we have today are the same thoughts that we had yesterday. 

We know that the conversations that go on in your head will determine how you feel and the choices you make so protect your mind against outside influences, particularly those who bring doom and gloom, those who never seem to say a kind word about anyone or anything.

I read this warning on someone’s Facebook page. Beware of ‘Distraction Burglaries’ where offenders trick or distract occupants to gain access to their homes, to steal property.

This is an apt description of what can happen to our minds when we are in the wrong company, around negativity. There are people around you who do not have your best interest at heart. You may gasp at the very thought, but some people’s sole intent is to distract you from your chosen course. They distract you, and they want to bleed you of your knowledge and experiences offering nothing positive in return, no added value. 

Once they have distracted you, caught you off guard, they gain access to your mind, your thoughts, your dreams. They intend to replicate what you think and do; only they are not you. They’ve not walked your walk. They’ve not lived your experiences and so no matter how they try, it will never be like you.  Like any burglary, the experience may leave you feeling vulnerable and insecure.

There are people whose lives are a direct reflection of their peer groups, and they can’t understand why they are not where they want or should be.  If you are not where you want to be, then change your peer group.  Never discuss your problems with people who can’t solve their own problems.  Remember, your beliefs shape your behaviour, protect your mind against outside influences, not just people, consider what you watch on TV, listen to on the radio, read in the newspaper or other printed material.  Quite simply, rubbish in equals rubbish out, surround yourself with positive people who are going places.

Guard your mind, form a hedge of protection around your mind. I am sure many of you will say that you have an open mind.  The ancient Jews described being ‘open-minded’ as someone whose mind was like an open door: everything went in and everything went out.

Consider your habitual language, words and phrases that are repeatedly use to describe and ascribe.  Who are the people, what are the visual and auditory distractions in your life? 

Guard your mind

Guard your mind at all times against all negativity.  It’s time to do a stock take on who or what is in your life.  Consider what is the habitual language that you use to describe yourself and situations you find yourself in.

It’s time to consider, what new weapons do you need to arm yourself with to fight the battle in your mind?

When you step outside of your comfort zone, your world becomes more abundant and more significant.

 Here are 5 weapons you can use to fight the battle in your mind

1.  Understand your thoughts

Identify the origins of your thought processes.  Let go of all judgement and negativity to make room for acceptance and compassion.

2. Be clear about where you want to go and keep focused

Decide where you want to go. Understand what it means to you and why.  Your thoughts are pictures with words attached, create a mental image of where you want to go and keep this at the forefront of your mind.

3. Remove all negativity, decide what comes through the door

Do a stock take.  Consider the ‘distractors’ in your life. Once they have distracted you, caught you off guard, they gain access to your mind, your thoughts, your dreams.  Remove all distractions and reframe the negative words and phrases that have become habitual in your life.

4. Rewrite your story

What we value about ourselves stems from our emotions and emotional response to past experiences.  How you describe yourself has everything to do with how you feel and what you will do next.  Rewrite the story of you.  Write it in graphic detail; remember where you intend to put your focus.

5.  Hire a coach to teach you HOW.

Remember, life coaching is not just for those who want to work on an existing problem.  Most successful entrepreneurs and company directors have said that coaching was paramount to their success.  Jacynth has the experience and work ethic, she can teach you how to live your best life and acknowledge your brilliance NOW.