Uplivity Breakfast Event

Inspiring Every Woman To Go Further

Do you want to?

Network with other truly amazing women

Untap your true potential

Listen and learn from the best
Become financial and professionally empowered
Have more productivity

At The Breakfast Event, you will get a great opportunity to surround yourself with amazing women, connect and grow.

Uplivity Breakfast Event
Uplivity Breakfast Event

Are you afraid of success?

Perhaps you fear being found out?

Are you sabotaging your chances of success?

Are thoughts of failure stopping you in your tracks?

If you are working towards a goal, vision, or dream, don’t let these negative thoughts take up space in your mind and trick you into thinking that chasing your destiny is a complete waste of time

So many women’s fears are surprisingly related to the consequences of achieving what she most wanted……success!!

Join us and other women for a three-course breakfast, networking and being fed and challenged by some amazing speakers

Uplivity Breakfast Event

Would you like to experience a woman’s business networking event like no other?

Where else can you go to an event and network, have a three course English & Caribbean breakfast, whilst listening to amazing speakers?

The Breakfast Event provides women with a unique environment to network, generate new leads, make friends, and reconnect with other women that you have not seen for some time.

Commencing at 8.30am, you will have plenty of opportunity to network before and after the keynote speech with the event ending at 2pm.

The Breakfast Event has been planned with you in mind. Come and join us, starting with tea, coffee, juice, bucks fizz and pastries. Meet other women, many will be small and start-up businesses from the area, women wanting to advance their careers, successful businesswomen who are looking for something else, and women who just want to be around other amazing women

The Breakfast Event
At The Breakfast Event, we are passionate about bringing women like you together to encourage you to:

  • Connect with a community of other achievers
  • Learn new business success tips and strategies
  • Access Free tools
  • Support and inspire each other

We are building a community of truly inspirational women. Women just like you who may be passionate entrepreneurs, successful businesswomen, women who aspire to do and be more.

The Breakfast Event is evolving to take account of the various challenges faced by women and the various changes to the business environment.

Are you ready to Acknowledge your brilliance and take action to unlock your true potential.

How to book

The next Breakfast Event will be taking place at
The H Suite
100 Icknield Port Road,
West Midlands, B16 0AA

Do you want to showcase your business, your products and services?

Book one of our exhibitor packages:

  • Drive leads and revenue
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Network with potential clients and/or business partners
  • Raise your company outreach
  • Maximise your sales by building up your lead pipeline in person
  • Save marketing costs by enhancing your brand image at the event
  • Introduce new products or services
  • Maintain relationships with existing clients as well as introduce yourself and your business to new ones



I attended Jacynth’s ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ event in June 2022 and it was truly inspirational. All 3 speakers gave me food for thought in relation to self-confidence and how to become an astute businesswoman; understanding the importance of how I value myself, my time and my work. I was also able to make meaningful connections with women excelling in their given fields. Given the welcoming and safe environment created by Jacynth, we felt safe to share our successes as well as our downfalls which gave me the boost I needed to continue with my musical career. 

I was even given the opportunity to share my musical talent which opened conversations about paid jobs for the future for businesses I would never have dreamed of singing for.

I would definitely recommend this event to anyone no matter what stage in your career you are at. You’ll become a part of a community of women who truly want to see others succeed.


Taleisha Hutton
Secondary School English Teacher and Professional Singer

Attended an event organised by Jacynth Ivey – breakfast at Tiffany’s networking. The event had a very relaxed atmosphere with like-minded people. The special guests were experts in their field so we were able to add value to all who attended.

Those who attended were from lots of different backgrounds and businesses. It was a joyful event with lots of positive networking and relationship-building. It was an opportunity to recognise others’ journeys, support those in need and celebrate the uniqueness of us all.

Was a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend it and will definitely be going to the next planned event.

Yvette Roach-Smith
Property Investor, Head of Integrated Discharge
Short let provider working with HNWI

I would highly recommend Jacynth as a Keynote Speaker. The presentation Jacynth presented to the attendees was delivered with high energy, enthusiasm, and passion.

Additionally, Jacynth’s eloquent delivery style was of a high standard, which allowed her to captivate, inspire and leave an indelible mark in the minds of all participants. It was a real pleasure working with Jacynth.

Monique Mccallam

Coaching with Jacynth helped me develop as a leader and showed me how to prepare for and deliver more difficult conversations. I found the sessions really helpful in thinking through strategic planning. I also really liked the way Jacynth always kept my wellbeing and work life balance at the forefront of coaching conversations, making sure I remembered that I couldn’t take care of others if I didn’t look after myself.

Jenni Elliott
Oasis Academy Pinewood

Jacynth is a breath of fresh air. Her speaking and training topics are changing lives across the world. Jacynth’s latest Book It’s OK To Be Different has helped clients embrace their difference while building their dreams. She is knowledgeable in so many disciplines as well as being a transformational coach to many. If you are looking for someone with passion and conviction to help YOU get rid of fear and live in your fortune, get in touch with Jacynth today. I HIGHLY recommend her!!

Camilita P. Nuttall
Multi-Millionaire Property Investor, Wealth & Business Coach, Angel Investor, Rock Star Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Influencer
Event of Champions® | Camilita® Podcast

Jacynth really took the time to understand me and enabled me to look at things through a different lens. I feel she is very emphatic, open, and honest. She is a great role model. Thank you, Jacynth!

Chetna Modi
Head of Leadership and Lifelong Learning
NHS England

I have had the pleasure of working with Jacynth and I have always been impressed by her ability to handle even the toughest conversations with a smile on her face. That skill often takes years to develop but it seems to come perfectly naturally to her. I was always in awe of Jacynth’s ability to command a room and get people on board with inspiring ideas.

Jacynth would be a true asset for any diversity and inclusion project requiring a strategic approach, creativity and professionalism.

Dr Alaettin Carikci
UK Diversity & Inclusion Manager

I have had the pleasure of working with Jacynth and have found her an impressive and inspiring colleague. I know she is deeply committed to, and passionate about, pursuing our vital agenda on equality and inclusion; and she has a great track record of keeping these issues front and centre of policymaking in our health and social care services.

Lisa Bayliss Pratt
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Health, and Life Sciences
Coventry University

Jacynth is an inspiring and highly effective non-executive, coach, lecturer, and leader. She uses her experience to improve health and voluntary services and is unafraid to confront and challenge situations with truth and dignity. It is always an absolute pleasure to see, work with, and learn from her.

Ian Jackson
Director of Commissioning, Specialised Commissioning (London)
NHS England

Jacynth Ivey is a highly motivational person who has inspired and motivated me, through coaching to behave in a differently way in somewhat challenging and difficult circumstances.

Her coaching approach has allowed me to question and reflect my practice to enable positive change. I have been able to seek out clearer direction and this has supported my career journey. I would highly recommend Jacynth who has a wide range of skills to complement any Transformational change programmes.

Harminder Bains
National Programme Lead, Primary and Integrated Care
Health Education England