Uplivity Retreat

Mind, Body and Soul

We will be coming back in 2024!

Do you need to time to think, relax and to challenge the status quo?

Are you frozen in time or at a crossroads in your life?

Do you need time and space for yourself?

Do you want to fresh perspective on your life?

Are you fatigued and burnt out?

Are you suffering from anxiety, or do you need a digital detox?

Uplivity Retreat
Uplivity Retreat

Most people feel all over the place with no time to rest and sleep. So many of us have neglected our health and well-being to follow a dream; to pursue our business goals and now we are reaping the results. Tired, lethargic, lacking energy, diminished focus.

This retreat will help you to transform your mindset and develop strategies for positive thinking in a nurturing environment that will feed your mind, body and soul. Meet like-minded people and take time to discover a new you.

Join us for a time of your life, where you will learn about the 8 Pillars of wholeness that will help you to replenish your energy level and to refresh your thinking. Discover the future you!

Uplivity Retreat
Uplivity Retreat
Uplivity Retreat
Uplivity Retreat


Uplivity Retreat

Whatever business we are in, it’s vital whilst working in and on your business, that you manage your health and wellbeing before it manages you!

amazing team of experts

Join us, our amazing team of experts will support you with the knowledge and the experience that will show you how to get off a path of self-destruction and disease and take back control.

We will help you to:

  • Examine areas that are affecting your lifestyle and your business.
  • Develop strategies to radically impact your vitality and your energy.
  • Learn to manage the inner critic.
  • Make choices that will have a positive impact on your overall mental and physical wellness.
  • Increase clarity and focus on health and business goals.

Don’t put it off, we have all been through a challenging couple of years, get your health back on track, and remember your health is your wealth.

produce real, tangible, measurable results

Knowledge and intentions have no value if they do not produce real, tangible, measurable results. We will support you with the solutions, the elements and the action plan that will change your life.

The wisdom you are about to dive into and the system that you will assimilate will change your life and your business.

If you seriously want to


You will achieve an amazing level of productivity while your competition falls behind and watches you scale faster and faster.