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 Get the results that you want for your team and business.  Jacynth’s reputation as a trainer and workshop facilitators has been built over 25 years.  She specialises in designing, creating and delivering bespoke solutions to unique problems.

Jacynth uses the knowledge and experience that she has gained in the corporate environment and applies it on an individual level, where both leaders and employees obtain the strategies, tools and knowledge needed to make a positive contribution in the workplace.

“I sincerely believe had I done this course a long time ago I would have had such great personal benefits, my career path would have been better considered. I was planning to retire at 55 no longer am I going to do so.  I WILL bring about change a bit at a time or accelerated.  God has it mapped out!!!  Thank you for putting together an ‘excellent’ programme. Your team did an exemplar job. Believe you me; I know what good looks like. I have many courses to compare with. Bless you Jacynth, you are such an extraordinary and ‘INSPIRING ‘ woman in your own right !! “

Tina Jegede, Senior Manager

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Jacynth Ivey Consultancy


Jacynth is the Founder & CEO of Jacynth Ivey Global and Inspiring Hope.  Every business is unique and has different needs.  Jacynth works with you  to assess your current situation.  Offering a bespoke consultancy service Jacynth works with her clients to design and deliver tailored solutions. Some leaders are born, some are developed and others need to be reminded of how brilliant they are.

Jacynth has a reputation for bringing about positive changes for individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations

“I have known Jacynth professionally for approximately four years as one of our programme preferred quality assured providers.  Jacynth was commissioned by us to undertake a number of challenging and stretching pieces of work which ranged from design and delivery of masterclasses and longer term development programmes aimed at middle managers and senior emergent leaders.  The challenge was to work with highly talented people from BME backgrounds who typically experienced overt difficulty in reaching the senior hierarchy of NHS organisations.  Jacynth provide us with a professional, enthusiastic and passionate service.  Her ability to work with people from all backgrounds and seniority was second to none as was her political astuteness and emotional intelligence.  I would not hesitate to work with Jacynth again, she is a dream to do business with and her drive for results through the participants is breath taking.”

 Jason Nair, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

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Jacynth Ivey Speaker


Jacynth draws on her years of experience and wisdom to deliver inspirational and engaging messages to those who listen to her.

She is an international speaker who can tailor her talk to your needs. Her engaging style adds value to your event and her memorable presence and expertise in aspects of lifestyle and personal development inspires individuals to step up and achieve their brilliance.

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you the event was extremely well evaluated and your session in particular was describe by many as ‘inspiring’,  ‘an amazing speaker’.”

Programme Lead Talent and Inclusion, NHS Leadership Academy

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